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10IAs holistic approach to Digital Marketing serves to maximize your Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

AdWords Certified

We specialize in taking over clients from the Ad Agency Top 100 List. On average our take-over clients perform 37% better in less than 6 months.

Predictive Models

10IA Incorporates data enhancement and machine learning to produce custom predictive models guaranteed to outperform “select-based” targeting.

Mobile Advertising

The new desktop - real-time location based targeting enables smart marketers to drive conversions and meaningful brand experiences.

Search Engine Optimization

We apply leading best practices with 15 years of SEO success. We’ve had the honor of working with clients such Fox News and Boston University.

Digital Direct Mail

We combine data and variable printing technology to create print pieces with personalizes text, image and URL strings for each recipient.


Our clients who automated their pricing strategy with advanced repricing rules have seen an average 22% increase in revenue and 7% profit.

Email Marketing

We combine advanced segmentation and dynamic content to drive engagement and revenue through email marketing automation.

Conversion Optimization

We use personalized landing pages with referral URL, location & keyword to create a conversion-focused experience for each visitor.

Brand Positioning

We specialize in visual identities, digital strategy, websites, ecommerce experiences, and brilliant creative that take emerging brands to the next level.

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, Pintrest – ‘lookalike’ targeting make these new fangled ad networks lucrative in the hands of master technicians.


Realigning your marketing to increase the life time value of your existing users is likely to be 200% more cost effect vs. new user acquisition costs.

Data Visualization

Design should measurably drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement. We design engaging user experiences that impact business metrics.


Driven by Data

Our core philosophy is that analysis and interpretation of data is essential for sound decision making. Every project design element, strategic planning session, daily implementation, and daily executable is based in a sound and thorough analysis and interpretation of data. Our actions and our results are backed by data.  We deliver measurable and quantifiable results.


Get Social Media Superpowers

We connect customers and influencers with your brand. Through timed and calculated automated messages that deliver impressions and awareness. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have APIs that allow for direct messaging, auto responses, listening, follower and content analysis that lead to better social media marketing decisions.


Connect Your Business Apps

Every project design element, strategic planning session, daily implementation, and daily executable is based in a sound and thorough analysis and interpretation of data. 10IA seamlessly connects to hundreds of pre-built apps and integrations so you can seamlessly connect your e-commerce platform, CRM, or website. Because when all your customer data comes together, you win.

Data Intergrations

We leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect your business and marketing data.

Analytics Configurations

We will configure your analytics to track the journey and lifetime value of each customer and interaction.

Website Development

We manage the production of enterprise technology projects from inception to completion on time and under budget.

Data Modeling

We offer audience profiles, user interaction tracking, goals and lifetime customer value data modeling.

Machine Learning

10IA uses data enhancement and machine learning to produce custom predictive models guaranteed to perform.

Audience Targeting

We use psychographic profiling to grow audiences, identify key influencers and create action.

Data Visualization

We build and deploy interactive dashboard reporting environments custom tailored for each client.

Data Extraction

We leverage modern web scraping technologies to extract, structure, enhance and host data from any source online.

Robot Configuration

Reduce task time or increase brand awareness with automated robots by text, web or social media.


Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts.

Companies who qualify for Partner status earn the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge. The badge shows that a company has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown their client base. 10IA is a certified Google Partner.


Save Time and Money with 10IA, Inc. a Certified Google Partner.


Google Partners


Analytics Certified


Mobile Advertising


AdWords Certified


Shopping Advertising


Display Advertising


Video Advertising


We Work With Fortune 500 Companies and Start-ups


Global visionary marketing leaders offering over 15 years of experience translating business initiatives and marketing strategies into bottom-line results in sales, revenue and client growth.


The 10IA team consists of seasoned industry and subject matter experts, who are committed to delivering client success.


We establish a reporting schedule  so you’ll always know exactly where things stand.


10IA has been trusted by major brands, Fortune 500 companies, successful SMBs.


We achieve an average 35.2% increase in conversionS and a 26% decrease in ad spend for our clients.



Partners in Success

10IA welcomes both flat fee consulting and partnership opportunities, revenue shares and equity. We are investors and work with angels, hedge funds and venture capital firms. Let’s talk about your next growth opportunity today.


Learn how 10IA can grow your business, get a deep dive analysis now.